TOP 5-star hotels near Walt Disney World Resort

TOP 5-star hotels near Walt Disney World Resort

Discover the ultimate luxury at the TOP 5-star hotels near Disney World in Orlando in 2024. Immerse yourself in magical accommodations.

Whether you are planning your first visit to the enchanting world of Disney or revisiting it for the hundredth time, one thing is for sure, you’re in for a magical experience. While the adrenaline-pumping rides, entertaining shows, and larger-than-life characters steal the show at Disney World in Orlando, the quintessential Disney experience is incomplete without a luxurious place to relax and unwind after a day of fun and excitement. That’s where the magnificent 5-star hotels near Disney World come into the picture.

The bustling city of Orlando, known for its vibrant entertainment scene, is not just home to the most visited theme park on the planet – Disney World, but it also boasts an array of lavish hotels that epitomize opulence and luxury. These hotels offer a restful sanctuary to recuperate from the day’s adventures and provide an immersive experience that’s a magical adventure in itself.

In this article, we’ve handpicked the top five-star hotels close to Disney World, ensuring that your journey to and from the park is as seamless and comfortable as possible. Each hotel on this list has been carefully selected based on a wide range of factors including their distance from Disney World, amenities, services, guest reviews, and overall ambiance.

Read on, and prepare to indulge in a slice of luxury just a stone’s throw away from the magical kingdom of Disney World. Whether you’re seeking top-notch dining options, sumptuous rooms, extravagant spas, or simply a bed to dream of tomorrow’s adventures, these hotels promise to elevate your Disney World experience to new, enchanting heights.

Best 5-Star Hotels near Walt Disney World in Orlando

1.- Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort (9.6/10)

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Crowned as the top luxury hotel near Walt Disney World Resort, the Five-Star Four Seasons Resort Orlando needs no introduction. A mere stone’s throw away from the magic, this resort offers premium access to Disney, all whilst swaddling guests in unadulterated opulence.

With a stellar overall score of 9.6, this retreat presents an array of high-end amenities such as a full-service spa, a Tom Fazio-designed golf course, and multiple gourmet dining options. Moreover, couples will find this hotel irresistibly romantic, with enchanting sunset views and intimate dining experiences waiting to whisk them off their feet.

2.- Ette Luxury Hotel & Spa (9.4/10)

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Sitting at a commendable second position among the top hotels near Walt Disney World Resort, the Ette Luxury Hotel & Spa flaunts a near-perfect score of 9.4. Its prime location offers effortless access to the Disney magic while creating a tranquil haven for couples to retreat.

The hotel’s 5-star status is clearly reflected in its lavish spa facilities, exclusive fine dining, and sumptuous guest rooms. For couples seeking a harmonious blend of Disney magic and serene luxury, this choice is a no-brainer.

3.- Waldorf Astoria Orlando (9.2/10)

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Taking the third spot on our list, Waldorf Astoria Orlando, a five-star establishment, presents a truly unique experience close to Walt Disney World Resort. An impressive score of 9.2 marks its distinction in offering top-notch services, including a private cabana pool and a championship golf course. Its romantic ambiance, bolstered by deluxe suites and gourmet dining, makes this hotel a dream getaway for couples.

4.- Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa (9.1/10)

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa - Top 5-star hotel in Disney World Resort Orlando
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As the fourth-best hotel near Disney World, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is an iconic destination that embodies the magic of the amusement park itself. With an excellent rating of 9.1, this Victorian-style 5-star resort impresses with its full-service spa, fine dining, and magical monorail access to Disney parks. The romantic charm of its Victorian architecture combined with magical Disney touches creates an enchanting setting for couples.

5.- The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes (9.0/10)

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Ranked fifth among the top five-star hotels, The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes scores a remarkable 9.0. A short distance from Disney World, this luxury hotel boasts a wealth of amenities including a 40,000-square-foot spa, an 18-hole golf course, and ten unique dining options. The serene surroundings and tailored experiences offer an intimate getaway for couples.

6.- Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge (9.0/10)

Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge
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Offering a blend of sporty elegance and comfort, Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge is our sixth top-rated 5-star hotel with an overall score of 9.0. Its location near Disney World is ideal for couples looking to mix golfing excellence with enchanting Disney magic. The world-class amenities, including a salon, spa, and private balconies overlooking the golf course, set the stage for a romantic retreat.

7.- Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort (8.8/10)

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort
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Coming in seventh in our ranking is Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, a unique 5-star hotel close to Disney World with a score of 8.8. The South Pacific-themed resort brings a touch of tropical paradise to your Disney vacation. Romantic torch-lit pathways, beachside dining, and spacious bungalows make it an enticing choice for couples.

8.- JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes (8.5/10)

JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes
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Securing the eighth spot among top luxury hotels near Walt Disney World Resort, JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes proudly holds a score of 8.5. This 5-star resort offers a haven of elegance amidst the excitement of Disney. Its superb amenities include a lazy river, a golf course, and a plethora of dining options. With beautifully designed suites and tranquil spa services, it serves as an ideal romantic getaway for couples.

9.- Walt Disney World Swan Reserve (8.4/10)

Walt Disney World Swan Reserve - Top 5-Star Hotel
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Finally, rounding off our list is the Walt Disney World Swan Reserve, a distinctive 5-star hotel with an overall score of 8.4. Its close proximity to Disney World, top-tier dining options, and an array of amenities assure a memorable stay. It provides a romantic setting for couples with its intimate dining experiences and panoramic views of the Disney World skyline from its rooftop bar. This hotel effortlessly brings luxury and Disney magic together, making it a perfect choice for couples.

In conclusion, luxury, comfort, and magic are all within your grasp with any of these top 5-star hotels near Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Each of these esteemed establishments offers not just a stay, but a complete experience. They’ve managed to artfully marry convenience with opulence, enabling guests to fully immerse in the Disney magic while enjoying the best of high-end amenities. Whether it’s a rejuvenating spa treatment after a day filled with adventures or an intimate dinner under the stars, these hotels have set the bar high for luxury accommodation.

Choosing anyone from this impressive list assures a memorable retreat filled with enchantment, excitement, and romance. For couples looking to add an extra layer of luxury to their Disney World trip, these options promise to make your journey unforgettable. From the awe-inspiring Four Seasons Resort Orlando at the top of the list to the unique and elegant Walt Disney World Swan Reserve, you are spoiled for choice. Remember, your stay is a crucial part of your journey – so choose wisely, and here’s to a magical getaway in Orlando!

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