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Welcome to ParticularHotels.com, a website dedicated to compiling rankings of the best hotels with special features. I am Jordi Ventura and I am passionate about travel.


As a travel professional, I have a university degree in Tourism, and I have spent more than 10 years perfecting my skills and knowledge in the world of travel. Although I now work in the operations department of an airport in Spain, I have worked for several years in the hotel industry, being this a world that I am passionate about.

At ParticularHotels.com, we are committed to providing our visitors with fully authoritative rankings, well-crafted, original information, searching and crawling each and every hotel, extracting the information, and providing our visitors with what they need to know.

Take a look at our website, browse our articles, comment on them, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for visiting us.

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