TOP 40 Hotel Booking Websites

Best Hotel Booking Websites

🏨 Planning a trip in 2024? Explore the TOP 40 hotel booking websites for hassle-free reservations. Find your perfect stay with ease. ✈️🌍

Navigating the world of hotel booking websites can be a daunting task. With so many options available, each promising the best deals and unique experiences, how do you choose the right one for your travel needs? This comprehensive guide is here to demystify the process, offering you an insider’s look at the best hotel booking websites.

Whether you’re looking for luxurious stays or budget-friendly accommodations, this ranking will help you make an informed decision, ensuring your next trip is both comfortable and cost-effective.

From exclusive services to unbeatable prices, each website is evaluated based on real user experiences and overall performance. So, sit back and let us take you on a journey through the best of the best in the hotel booking world. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first getaway, this guide is your ticket to hassle-free hotel bookings.

Please note:

  • The ranking is based on the ratings of these websites on Trustpilot.
  • These websites are booking engines, i.e. you will be able to make reservations on them. Although some of them can also function as a hotel price comparator, this is not the purpose of this article. You can also visit our ranking of the Best Hotel Price Comparison Websites.
  • We are sure you will find it very striking that many of the major hotel booking engines are very low in the ranking. This is because the vast majority of dissatisfied customers take the trouble to post negative reviews if they have had a bad experience on the website, yet only a small percentage of satisfied customers take the trouble to review. This is why some of the largest and most reputable booking sites, such as,, or, appear at the bottom of the ranking. But as this ranking is made with the reviews they have on Trustpilot, that is their reality. Don’t hold it against them. They are very reputable websites on the internet. You can book them without worrying about it.
  • We are sure that today you will discover new websites. Thank you for visiting us 😊!

Best Hotel Booking Sites in 2024

1.- (4.8)

At the pinnacle of our list, shines with a stellar 4.8 score. Known for its user-friendly interface and exceptional customer service, makes hotel booking a breeze. Customers rave about its comprehensive search filters that effortlessly match them with their ideal accommodations.

From luxury resorts to cozy B&Bs, offers a diverse range of options. What truly sets it apart is its exclusive deals and loyalty rewards, making it a top choice for both occasional and frequent travelers.

2.- (4.7)

Just a step behind with a score of 4.7, is celebrated for its seamless booking experience and extensive hotel network. This platform stands out for its tailored travel suggestions, catering to a variety of preferences and budgets.

Customers appreciate the detailed hotel descriptions and real-life reviews, which make decision-making easier and more reliable. Additionally,’s customer support is highly responsive, ensuring any inquiries or issues are promptly addressed.

3.- (4.6)

Sharing a score of 4.6 with, is favored for its curated selection of boutique and luxury hotels. It’s the go-to website for travelers seeking unique and high-end experiences.

The platform’s strength lies in its handpicked hotel collections, offering exclusive properties that you won’t find anywhere else. Customers love the insider tips and destination guides that come along with each booking, adding an extra layer of excitement to their travels.

4.- (4.6)

Tied with, is the preferred choice for budget-conscious and solo travelers. Its 4.6 rating is a testament to its vast array of affordable hostel options across the globe. The platform is highly regarded for its vibrant community, where travelers can share experiences and tips.’s flexible booking policies and last-minute deals are particularly popular, making it ideal for spontaneous adventures.

5.- (4.5)

Earning a score of 4.5, is known for its wide range of accommodations, from budget-friendly rooms to luxurious suites. The website’s intuitive design and quick booking process receive high praise from users. Customers particularly enjoy the frequent promotional offers and the ability to compare prices across different properties, ensuring they get the best deal for their stay.

6.- (4.5)

Also scoring a 4.5, stands out for its global reach, offering hotel bookings in over 90 countries. The website is commended for its multilingual support, making it accessible to a diverse audience.

Customers appreciate the detailed maps and location guides, that help them choose the perfect spot for their stay. Additionally,’s flexible payment options cater to a variety of preferences, enhancing the overall booking experience.

7.- (4.4)

With a commendable score of 4.4, differentiates itself by focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable accommodations. This unique approach has garnered a loyal customer base who are conscious of their environmental impact while traveling.

Users appreciate the detailed green ratings for hotels, allowing them to make informed choices that align with their values. The website also offers special deals on eco-resorts and green hotels, making sustainable travel both accessible and affordable.

8.- (4.3)

Scoring 4.3, is praised for its comprehensive travel solutions that go beyond hotel bookings to include flights, car rentals, and holiday packages. Customers value the convenience of planning their entire trip on a single platform. is known for its competitive pricing and regular flash sales, making it a favorite among bargain hunters. The website’s user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support further enhance the booking experience.

9.- (4.2), also scoring 4.2, has established itself as a versatile booking platform with a wide array of travel services. Its strength lies in its global network, offering hotel options in various destinations worldwide.

Customers appreciate the real-time availability updates and the ease of managing bookings through the app. Another highlight is the platform’s loyalty program, which rewards frequent users with exclusive deals and discounts.

10.- (4.2)

Matching with a 4.2 score, is tailored for extended stays and long-term vacations. This specialization has made it popular among travelers looking for comfortable and affordable options for longer periods.

The website offers competitive rates for week-long or month-long stays, along with detailed property descriptions to ensure customers find the right fit for their extended getaway.

11.- (4.2)

Also at 4.2, excels in offering a seamless booking experience for both hotels and flights. Customers often highlight the convenience of its package deals, which combine accommodations and airfare at attractive prices.

The website’s efficient search engine and transparent pricing policy make it easy for travelers to find deals that suit their budget and preferences.

12.- (4.2)

Sharing the same score of 4.2, is renowned for its extensive selection of travel products, including hotels, flights, and car rentals. The platform is favored for its user-friendly interface and dynamic price comparison tools.

Customers particularly enjoy the flexibility offers, with options to book last-minute deals or plan well in advance.

13.- (3.9)

Scoring 3.9, caters to the luxury segment, offering a curated collection of high-end hotels and resorts. Customers are drawn to its exclusive offers on boutique hotels and luxury properties.

The website’s personalized customer service ensures a hassle-free booking experience, appealing to those who seek comfort and elegance in their travels.

14.- (3.8)

With a score of 3.8, is recognized for its long-standing reputation in the travel industry. The website offers a broad spectrum of travel services, from hotel bookings to holiday packages.

Customers appreciate the trusted brand name and the comprehensive travel insurance options available through the platform.

15.- (3.7), scoring 3.7, is known for its straightforward and efficient booking process. The platform offers a variety of accommodation types, catering to different travel needs and budgets. Customers frequently mention the website’s regular discounts and loyalty rewards, which make it an attractive option for budget-savvy travelers.

16.- (3.6), with a score of 3.6, stands out for its focus on providing detailed hotel descriptions and high-quality photos. This attention to detail helps customers make informed decisions about their accommodations. The website’s user-friendly interface and secure payment system are also frequently praised.

17.- (3.3)

Earning a score of 3.3, is a favorite for last-minute travelers. The website specializes in providing great deals on short-notice bookings, offering a wide range of hotels to choose from. Customers appreciate the flexibility and the savings they can find, especially when planning spontaneous trips.

18.- (3.1)

With a 3.1 rating, is renowned for its unique ‘Name Your Own Price’ feature, allowing customers to bid for hotel rooms. This innovative approach appeals to those looking for deep discounts. The website also offers traditional booking options and is praised for its extensive range of travel services.

19.- (3.0)

Scoring a 3.0, is appreciated for its straightforward booking process and competitive pricing. Customers often highlight the website’s excellent customer service and the ease of finding good deals on both domestic and international hotels.

20.- (2.9), with a score of 2.9, is primarily known for flight bookings but also offers hotel reservations. Users value the website for its ability to compare prices across different airlines and hotels, ensuring they get the best possible deal for their travels.

21.- (2.9)

Also scoring 2.9, is recognized for its comprehensive travel offerings, including hotels, flights, and packages. The website is particularly popular in certain regions, offering localized deals and customer support.

22.- (2.7), rated at 2.7, specializes in providing great deals for last-minute bookings. The website is a go-to for travelers looking to make spontaneous plans, offering discounts on hotels, flights, and holiday packages.

23.- (2.5)

Scoring 2.5, is not just a booking platform but also a vast resource for travel reviews and recommendations. While it’s more known for its user-generated content, the website also allows hotel bookings through various partners, providing users with a comprehensive travel planning tool.

24.- (2.4)

With a score of 2.4, offers a range of travel services, including hotel bookings. The website is appreciated for its user-friendly interface and occasional promotional offers.

25.- (2.1), scoring 2.1, is a smaller platform known for personalized travel itineraries. It offers hotel booking options as part of its comprehensive travel planning services.

26.- (1.9)

Rated at 1.9, provides a straightforward hotel booking service. Customers use this site for its no-frills approach and occasional good deals.

27.- (1.7)

With a score of 1.7, caters to a wide range of customers, offering various types of accommodations. The website is known for its simple booking process and customer support.

28.- (1.7)

Also scoring 1.7, is recognized for its algorithm-based search tool that helps customers find hotels based on their preferences. The platform is still growing and improving its services.

29.- (1.6), with a score of 1.6, specializes in providing excellent deals for last-minute hotel bookings. This platform is ideal for spontaneous travelers or those needing a quick accommodation solution. Customers love the deep discounts on quality hotels and the app’s user-friendly interface, making it easy to secure a room on the go.

30.- (1.6)

Also rated at 1.6, stands out in the vacation rental market. While it focuses more on homes and apartments than traditional hotels, it’s a great option for those looking for a more homely or extended stay. Customers appreciate the wide range of properties available and the platform’s secure booking process.

31.- (1.4)

Scoring 1.4, is a well-known travel website that offers a variety of services, including hotel bookings. The site is favored for its user-friendly interface and frequently offers travel deals and packages, making it a solid choice for budget-conscious travelers.

32.- (1.4), also with a 1.4 rating, is particularly strong in the Asian market. It offers a vast selection of hotels and is praised for its competitive pricing and regular promotions, especially in Asian destinations.

33.- (1.4) scores 1.4 and is recognized for providing a range of travel services, including hotels, flights, and car rentals. The website is appreciated for its loyalty program, which offers benefits and discounts to frequent users.

34.- (1.3)

With a score of 1.3, is known for its wide range of accommodation options and its rewards program, where customers can earn free nights. The site’s regular sales and price-match guarantee make it a popular choice for various travelers.

35.- (1.3)

Also rated at 1.3, is renowned for revolutionizing travel accommodations by offering unique homes and experiences. While not a traditional hotel booking site, it appeals to travelers seeking a more local and personalized experience.

36.- (1.3), scoring 1.3, offers a full range of travel services, including hotels. The website is known for its rewards program and regular discounts, appealing to budget-conscious and frequent travelers.

37.- (1.2)

With a score of 1.2, is one of the world’s leading digital travel companies. It’s known for its extensive selection of accommodations and user-friendly interface, although its lower score in this ranking might be due to the vast and diverse user feedback.

38.- (1.2), also scoring 1.2, is a hotel booking site that caters primarily to business travelers. The platform is appreciated for its range of business-friendly accommodations and flexible booking options.

39.- (1.1)

Rated at 1.1, is a full-service travel site offering hotel bookings, flights, car rentals, and cruises. Customers enjoy the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all their travel needs, though it ranks lower in this specific hotel booking category.

40.- (1.1)

Also with a score of 1.1, is known for offering discounted travel bookings, including hotels, flights, and car rentals. The platform’s ‘Hot Rate’ deals, where customers book a hotel at a lower price without knowing the exact hotel until after booking, are particularly popular among those seeking great deals and are flexible with their accommodation choices.

This comprehensive overview of the best 40 hotel booking websites in 2024 provides a snapshot of the diverse options available to travelers today. From specialized sites catering to last-minute bookings and luxury stays to those offering comprehensive travel packages, there’s a platform to suit every preference and need.

While each website has its unique strengths, they all share a commitment to making travel planning more accessible and enjoyable. Whether you’re a budget traveler or looking for a lavish getaway, these websites offer a gateway to a world of exciting travel possibilities, ensuring your next adventure is just a click away. Remember, the perfect hotel experience begins with choosing the right booking platform, tailored to your travel style and needs. Happy traveling!

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