Top 10 cheapest 5-star hotels in London

Top 10 cheapest 5-star hotels in London

Cheap 5-star hotels exist, and Central London is the perfect hub to spend easy money and still get a pack of quality services. The City has all the kicks of a world-class destination, with perfectly paved roads and dazzling neon streets. However, that’s barely a scratch on the surface of what London has in store for you.

The City is a renowned vacation destination and a haven for numerous world-class 5-star hotels. Better yet, these hotels charge reasonable prices but guarantee the best quality in every service. That’s, of course, a unicorn package in most 5-star hotels globally, and you have every reason to try them out.

If you are going to visit London and you want to treat yourself at a good price, we present you the ranking of the best cheap 5-star hotels in London in 2024 and give an insight into their services.

Ranking of the best and cheapest 5-star hotels in London

1.- Hilton London Bankside (8.9/10)

Hilton London Bankside
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Hilton London Bankside is located in the City’s sought-after South Bank and is a perfect destination to amass all the fun in the heart of the City. This Hotel is one of the few that guarantee quality at a reasonably low price compared to the rest in its category. It’s also in a prime position in the City with perfect views, and only seven minutes walk away from London’s Shakespeare’s globe while the Shad is twice the distance away.

This Hotel boasts many amenities and services and a consistently accessible 24-hour front desk. The Hotel has an indoor pool, a fitness center, a cocktail bar, and a pompous restaurant offering the best foods you could ever taste. Its numerous rooms are well rounded with facilities like high bandwidth Wi-Fi, 42-inch flat-screen TV having pay-per-view channels, a Hilton Serenity Bed, and air conditioning. Connecting rooms are available.

This Hotel has a lot of fuss online for the best reasons by its customers who’ve tested its services. Its high rating of 8.9/10 affirms its high-quality services and enviable caliber. That makes it a must-visit hotel destination in the heart of London to rack up all the fun.

2.- Sea Containers London (8.8/10)

Sea Containers London
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The sea Containers hotel London is also among the best the City can offer, and it’s the perfect destination for all the fun in bustling city life. The Hotel is located on the banks of the River Thames and is only 0.9 miles from the heart of London. It’s one of the best, offering an assortment of services and facilities, and the perfect pick for couples who rate it highly.

The Hotel has it all, and its amenities are high quality. That includes free Wi-Fi, family rooms, a spa, and outdoor seating. Besides, this London’s pearl has an excellent fitness center and parking to declutter your mind about getting secure parking in the City. If you’ve ever fancied a picture-perfect panoramic view of London, this Hotel’s rooftop bar will offer you that with no bargains.

This Hotel offers competitive prices that guarantee the enviable quality, has a friendly English-speaking staff, and is ideal for couples. Besides, its proximity to London’s renowned landmarks makes it a fun destination to unwind, which, quite commendably, justifies its 8.8/10 rating.

3.- Rubens at The Palace (8.7/10)

Rubens at The Palace London
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Ruben’s at The Palace is pretty exotic and situated just at 39 Buckingham Palace Road, overlooking the world’s best monarchy’s palace. It’s boutique-style with a royal-themed ambiance makes it pretty unique, and its attention to detail guarantees something fleshy for the eyes. It’s also accessible to the Victoria Underground Station, five minutes away. Moreover, it’s only a short walk from Shaftesbury Avenue and Westminster, so you won’t find it challenging to access.

The Hotel boasts world-class facilities and offers high-quality services as well. Like most 5-star hotels in the City, Ruben’s at the Palace offers free parking, Wi-Fi, and family rooms. But what adds the cherry on the cake is its English Grill Restaurant with a modern Brasserie-style menu. Also, this Hotel is one of the few pet-friendly types and offers non-smoking rooms.

Thanks to the numerous world-class and exotic amenities and services the Hotel offers, it’s 8.7/10 rating the Hotel’s visitors give it is justified. Couples will find this hotel fun and rate it highly, but it’s still impeccable for the entire family.

4.- The Standard London (8.7/10)

Standard London lets you stay in the heart of the City while accessing the best attraction sites. The Hotel is situated at 10 Argyle Street, Camden, and is housed in the restored Camden Town Hall Annex in London’s King’s Cross.

The Hotel is always lively due to its Sound Studio, which hosts weekly live talks and music events. But essentially, the Hotel’s amenities and services patch it to the top. The Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a restaurant, and a bar serving classic cocktails and various beers. Moreover, you get spacious parking and access to its well-equipped fitness center to keep fit.

Like every top Hotel in the City, this London gem has tons of positive reviews, with most customers commending its services and quality delivery. Moreover, Chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias’ restaurant, with a 360-degree view of the City, has driven visitors head over heels. This Hotel’s uniqueness and exceptionality in its services justify this high rating.

5.- Montcalm East, Autograph Collection (8.7/10)

Montcalm East, Autograph Collection
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Montcalm East, Autograph collection is located at 157 City Road, Shoreditch, Hackney, London. It’s one of the best you can spend your days unwinding and nights having fun with friends or family. The Hotel’s architecture is exciting and offers a welcoming appeal as soon as you set foot inside. But what’s more appealing about this adorned Hotel is the pack of amenities and services it offers.

This Hotel is one of the few that offer a complete pack of amenities at a cut price. It has a free-swimming pool, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and family rooms. Besides, the Hotel has a bar, spa, and wellness center, but its airport shuttle gives it the edge over other hotels’ services. The best part is that these services are available at a reasonable price compared to what most 5-star hotels charge.

It’s only about three minutes from Old Street underground, where you can get there on foot. However, this Hotel has an airport shuttle to easily drop you at the nearby Kings Cross Railway Station or Eurostar terminal at Pancras. Its 24-hour front desk and daily housekeeping bait visitors into staying for long in exchange for the quality services offered.

6.- The LaLit London (8.5/10)

The LaLit London
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Amidst the busy streets of Tooley, Southwark is The Lalit London, a cheap 5-star hotel having all the kicks to mesmerize in every aspect. The Hotel is a hub for people not only looking for accommodation but a spot to have fun and create memories to reminisce. This Hotel offers more than it’d require you to pay for, with a rich pack of facilities and amenities to enjoy in the heart of the City.

Some of the best amenities this Hotel offers include free Wi-Fi, a modern and furnished fitness center, and a bar with every refreshing drink you fancy. Besides, its restaurant, with a host of assorted menu items and excellent room service, is bliss, and you’ll love every bit of them. The best part is that this Hotel relishes the need for inclusivity and makes people living with disabilities feel more accommodated.

Just 13 minutes away on foot, you’ll find Borough Market. Besides, you can also easily access the Tower Bridge for photo moments and create memories. The Hotel is also 9KM from London City Airport, which you can easily access by public transport. The Lalit London is ideal for family vacations and spending the holidays, but couples looking to travel to London and explore can find it appealing.

7.- Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel (8.5/10)

Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel
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People who fancy BBQ treats can find this Hotel incredibly exciting. But that’s more of a cherry on the cake since the Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel offers more than meets the eye. It’s located at 20 Warwick Street in Westminster borough and lies in the heart of the City where all the bustle and jingle is.

Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel is short of nothing. The Hotel’s amenities are high-quality and accommodating, including facility rooms, free Wi-Fi, a restaurant, and a bar. Moreover, this Hotel allows pets, so it doesn’t have to inconvenience you if you have one. People with disabilities also feel more included since the Hotel has designated facilities to help them with their needs.

You can only walk for twenty minutes to reach Hyde Park, and the Hotel is only about 5 minutes away from Oxford street’s sought-after shops on foot. The Hotel is highly rated and has massive positive reviews online for a reason, and we think it’ll mesmerize you on your next visit.

8.- The Academy Hotel (8.4/10)

The Academy Hotel London
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The Academy shares a similar general location with the standard London. However, you’ll have to move to locate it at 21 Gower Street, Bloomsbury, in London’s West End. This Hotel is one of the best options we recommend for your holidays and vacations and has lots of fun in store for you or your family.

The Hotel is out of the ordinary, with tons of facilities, services, and amenities to make your stay a bliss. It combines five Georgian townhouses that form a single hotel and is one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World collections. The Hotel has a vibrant bar, spacious parking, free Wi-Fi, family rooms, and non-smoking rooms. Moreover, its restaurant offers a menu of assorted British dishes to delight your taste buds.

The Academy is an ideal destination for family fun. The place isn’t excessively far from the major landmarks and tourist attractions, including the British Museum, which is only five minutes away on foot. Besides, you can easily access the Goodge Street underground station or walk fifteen minutes away to the Piccadilly Circus and Convert Garden. We think this Hotel is worth visiting if you’re looking for cheap 5-star hotels in London.

9.- The Exhibitionist (8.4/10)

The Exhibitionist
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If you’re staying in the far west side of London, The Exhibitionist should be your perfect place. The Hotel is 5-star rated and affordable, enabling you to access world-class amenities and services at marginally lower prices. The Hotel is located at 8-10 Queensberry Palace, Kensington, and Chelsea and is easily accessible from any side of the site.

Like most 5-star rated hotels in the City, The Exhibitionist promises mouth-watering services and facilities to make your stay enjoyable and worth remembering. Conventionally to all top-level hotels, this Hotel provides free high bandwidth Wi-Fi, room service, and a bar with all sorts of your favorite drinks. Every room has a walk-in shower and Anyah toiletries. Besides, The Spar Suite and Penthouse are all exciting facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The best part is that you can access tourist attraction sites like the Science Museum, V&A Museum, and the Albert Hall by walking a few minutes away. The Hotel’s staff is friendly and has a 24-hour front desk to help you with anything you want.

10.- Montcalm Royal London House (8.3/10)

Montcalm Royal London House
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The Montcalm Royal London House city of London is the best place to be if you’re looking to have fun in the City’s heart with more comfortable accommodation. Located at 22-25 Finsbury Square City, Islington, London, this Hotel has all the kicks of an affordable 5-star hotel.

The Hotel’s top-end amenities include a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and private bathrooms. Besides, you can access its rooftop bar for a 360-degree view of the City and grab a bite of your favorite British meal. Moreover, the evening coffee sips are guaranteed, with tons of coffee to wash down as you unwind. Every room has a 55-inch smart TV with international channels, a pillow menu, and a Nespresso machine.

The Hotel is located only 12 km from the London City Airport, while the Barbican Center is ten minutes away on foot. It’s an ideal place to break loose and savor the bustling City’s atmosphere with your loved ones.


Finding the top-rated hotels that charge affordably in the heart of London isn’t a piece of cake. However, we’ve done all the back-breaking work to suggest the best picks that make your stay in the City more enjoyable and less cost-restraining while guaranteeing the best quality services. Hopefully, this article will help you find the best cheap 5-star hotels in London.

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