6 Best Hotels and Resorts with Kids Club in Florida

6 Best Hotels and Resorts with Kids Clubs in Florida

Family-friendly resorts are a must when creating the perfect Florida vacation for the whole family to enjoy. This means finding a top resort with the best possible accommodation options, dining experiences, entertainment, and other facilities across the site. However, there are times where the family needs to go its own way to unwind. Parents need time to reconnect and have fun, or perhaps enjoy the resort spa. Kids need time to meet peers and enjoy some fun new activities that may be new to them.

That is where the best Florida resorts with kids’ clubs can help. These facilities provide a wide range of options for kids. Typically, they are for kids aged 5-12, but this can vary. You may also be surprised at the diversity in the activities provided. This is the list of the TOP 6 Hotels and Resorts with Kids Club in Florida [Updated 2022]

1.- Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa

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If we’re going to talk about high-end Florida resorts with the best kids clubs, we need to start with Hilton. The Hilton experience is still synonymous with an enhanced customer experience and a little more luxury in the stay. However, there are some great kid-friendly touches to this Sandestin resort. For a start, you can book suites with bunk beds for the kids, enjoy family-friendly menus in the restaurants, and let kids take part in the Kids Krew.

The Kids Krew is the resort’s top activities package for children. One thing that stands out straight away about this option is the unique feel of some of the experiences. There are some great skills-based opportunities as well as fun sessions where kids can just chill and socialize with people their age. It is open to kids aged 5 to 12 and does a good job of making the time age-appropriate. Not all activities are confined to the hotel either, as some groups take trips to the beach. The experience goes even further here with Kid’s Night Out programs, which are ideal for parents that want dinner alone or a bit of a date night. Kids can meet up at the club for movies nights and other fun evening activities.

2.- The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club – Naples

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The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club - Naples - Kids Club
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It isn’t just the Hilton resort that takes the time to offer off-site activities in a range of locations. The same is true for the Kids Club at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. One of the charms of this resort is that it sits without seven miles of gorgeous beach with access to the ocean. So, it makes sense for Kids Club leaders to take groups out to the shore for various activities. This could be beach-based sports or something more low-key like beachcombing. There is also a nice emphasis here on arts and crafts, for kids that aren’t so into sports. Like Hilton, this resort also takes the time to provide options for nighttime fun. There are movie nights on the lawn with popcorn.

One thing that does make this resort stand out regarding its kids’ activities is its seasonal nature. Group leaders aren’t afraid to mix up the plans to fit in with the time of year. This could mean some special festive fun for kids traveling close to Christmas, or perhaps Easter egg hunts in spring. This diversity also means that families that are repeat visitors won’t get precisely the same experience if they return in a different season.

3.- Club Med Sandpiper Bay

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The Sandpiper Bay Club Med resort is an impressive location for family holidays with its wide range of family-friendly facilities. But, there is also a range of kids club facilities on offer to suit different ages. Mini Club Med has a diverse range of activities on offer over two groups – those aged 4 to 10 and 11 to 17. The options are similar, with a lot of emphasis on sporting activities like swimming, golf, volleyball, sailing, and tennis. An interesting selling point of Mini Club Med is the chance to learn circus skills at Petit Circus, which also has a trapeze school. Remarkably, trapeze lessons are complimentary for guests, so there is nothing to stop kids from having a go.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also opportunities for younger parents to get away for a while via the Petit Club Med for toddlers and the Baby Club Med for those under 2. This is something you don’t always find at high-end resorts. At the end of the day, you can all come back together as a family and make the most of the pool, the dining experiences, and the family-friendly entertainment in the evening.

4.- Boca Raton Resort & Club – Fort Lauderdale

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Boca Raton Resort Club Fort Lauderdale Kids Club
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Over in Fort Lauderdale, families can have a lot of fun relaxing in the spacious bungalows of Boca Raton Resort & Club. There are also plenty of activities on offer on the water, from the jot of banana boat riding to boat charters and snorkeling. Families can learn a lot together, including lessons at the golf and surf academies. But, there are times when it is nice to drop the kids off with a responsible adult for a little while.

The Quest Kids Clubhouse provides just that. It is a dedicated space in the facility where parents can take advantage of complimentary 2-hours drop-off sessions. The age range here is from 5-12, due to the age-appropriate activities available on site. Teenagers are going to have to make the most of the other provisions around the resort – not that they should ever get bored. It is one of the more standard options in this guide, but familiarity can be comforting on vacation. Families should have a lot of fun here with the peace of mind that kids have a safe space to play with their peers if they need to. Also, don’t forget that Boca Raton gives guests the chance to purchase a photoshoot for the family.

5.- Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa – Fort Lauderdale

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Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa - Fort Lauderdale Kids Club
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Families are spoiled for choice if they want to take an inclusive family-friendly vacation in Fort Lauderdale. The Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa is another great resort in the area that gives families the chance to have a relaxing break at the shore, while also taking part in some great activities. The resort is the perfect place to unwind with some sports or relax at the pool. There are also plenty of options for entertainment and dining. But, if you need to offload the kids for a little while, there is always The Surf Club.

This Surf Club is a little different from some of the others that provide a more literal way to get on the water. This indoor facility focuses on interactive games and simulators where kids aged 5 to 12 can have a lot of fun in a safe environment. Parents don’t have to worry about where their kids are and water safety when they are in this safe space. There are also plenty of arts and crafts-style activities for creative kids, which include making souvenirs to give to parents. This is definitely one for the kids that would usually be found on their games consoles and want to bring a virtual edge to their holiday fun.

6.- Acqualine Resort – Sunny Isles Beach

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Finally, we have the Acqualine Resort and its wide range of opportunities for kids between 5 and 12. Some of the resorts here focus on sports-related options while the one above had that technological flare. This resort allows for both. The technological side comes from the AcquaMarine program, where kids have access to tech for some educational experiences right on site. Kids can learn interesting skills in a fun way with peers, all with helpful tuition.

The alternative side is the sports side where kids can team up and play a massive selection of games. There are classic competitive sports, such as soccer, basketball, and baseball. But, there are also more gentle pursuits like foosball and kite flying. Essentially, there should be something here for most kids and they can try out all kinds of options over their stay. This diversity should help keep parents very happy as they spend a little time away from themselves. This may be why the resort is highly rated by travelers online. Add in the entertainment, pools, and other family-friendly features in your package and you can’t really go wrong here.

The best kids clubs Florida resorts offer are diverse and entertaining.

As you can see, all Florida resorts with kids clubs have their own approach when it comes to providing kids entertainment. You aren’t always limited to beach-related sports as some take a technological route too. There are also the added benefits of those seasonal programs. Make sure to look up the options on offer when choosing a resort and check how much is complimentary in your package. You could be pleasantly surprised. Wherever you choose for your next Florida vacation, you should find that the kids club is reliable, potentially educational, and very entertaining.

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