26 Best Hotels on The Blue Ridge Parkway

26 Best Hotels on The Blue Ridge Parkway

Are you looking for places to stay on The Blue Ridge Parkway? Do you have plans for a different kind of vacation? Visit the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, a fascinating 469-mile highway linking the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina with Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, is the perfect attraction to enjoy with family or a loved one.

The stretch that makes up the Blue Ridge Parkway, which was built on June 30, 1936, is a U.S. national park and mountain range known for its scenic beauty in Asheville, North Carolina.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a favorite destination for most people owing to the many stops along the way. In addition to its natural wonders, the scenic Parkway protects a number of important historic sites with charming towns and villages, perfect for enjoying while visiting the Parkway. There are also plenty of attractions, and you’ll find your experience just what you wanted.

In this article, we are going to point you to the best hotels along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but for more information on how to plan your trip, please visit this website.

The hotels also make it easier for you to visit more destinations, and there will be a lot for you to see on the way. Following is an updated selection of some of the Best hotels near The Blue Ridge Parkway in 2024, and the features that make them appear on our list.

Best Hotels in Waynesboro

Waynesboro, VA is located in the Shenandoah Valley, home to many historic Civil War monuments and Shenandoah National Park. Waynesboro is just a few miles from the Appalachian Trail and is also home to Fishburne Military School, but has a vibrant arts community with plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. History buffs will appreciate the annual commemoration of the Civil War Battle of Waynesboro and the Fall Foliage Festival draws hundreds of people from all over the country to the Shenandoah Valley.

Please, find below the best hotels in Waynesboro:

Residence Inn Waynesboro (8.5/10)

Residence Inn Waynesboro
Image courtesy of Marriott.com

The Residence Inn Waynesboro is one of the best hotels in Waynesboro and along The Blue Ridge Parkway. It has been designed to make you feel connected even when you are away from home. It enables you to balance work and life in a convenient location with access to many local companies. You are also close to many attractions, such as Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia Artisan Center, Frontier Culture Museum, and The Blackfriars Playhouse.

The homely feel of the place will make you feel welcome, and the stay here is good. From the online rating of 8.5/10, we can confidently say this hotel is worth staying at. Some of the main amenities and features offered by the hotel include free WiFi, complimentary full American and hot breakfast, a kitchen, and complimentary coffee/tea.

Quality Inn Waynesboro (7.2/10)

Quality Inn Waynesboro
Image courtesy of Choicehotels.com

Quality Inn Waynesboro is another good hotel in Waynesboro and along The Blue Ridge Parkway. Whenever you search for affordable accommodation strategically located close to state historical sites, schools, hiking trails, and plenty of other attractions, many places will interest you close to the Quality Inn Waynesboro, so you won’t run out of places to visit.

The services at the hotel are also top-notch, and you get to have an experience that you can truly treasure. Additionally, the services are friendly, and the amenities available ensure you get the best value for your money.

Start the day with your complimentary free hot breakfast and stay connected with the free WiFi, which is available in each of the guest rooms at the hotel. There is also an outdoor pool to ensure you have fun as a guest at the hotel.

The rooms are also comfortable and fitted with a microwave and refrigerator. An average online rating of 7.2/10 shows that the hotel offers good services but can perform better.

Best Hotels in Roanoke

Roanoke, Virginia, is a charming city with beautiful views. It is located between Smith Mountain Lake and Virginia Tech in southwestern Virginia. Roanoke is also known as the “Magic City” or the “Star City of the South”. Roanoke is the cultural center of Southwest Virginia and has great food, great people, and diverse outdoor adventures.

The buildings around Roanoke are built in the Appalachian style of construction. One of the main attractions is the overlook which offers spectacular views of the Roanoke Valley and is the perfect place to photograph Roanoke.

Please, find below the best hotels in Roanoke:

Shirley’s Bed & Breakfast (9.8/10)

Shirley’s Bed & Breakfast is the best hotel in Roanoke, and one of the best Blue Ridge Parkway Hotels. If you are okay with the feeling of living in a log home, this is the ideal place for you. The establishment is private and secluded but has access to many places of interest, like the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Ballyhack Golf Course.

Beautiful, comfortable grounds inside have all the details to ensure you have the best experience. Additionally, there is a wonderful pool and large guest suites.

The hotel also offers additional services such as complimentary breakfast, free WiFi, and parking. The hotel is a real place to relax and will easily provide you with the peace of mind you need.

Regardless of how long you want to stay at the hotel, your experience will be deeply satisfying and hugely rewarding. A customer rating of 9.8/10 is proof of the hotel’s very best services and experiences.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Roanoke Civic Center (9.1/10)

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Roanoke Civic Center
Image courtesy of IHG.com

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Roanoke Civic Center is the second best hotel in Roanoke, and one of the best Blue Ridge Parkway Hotels. The hotel is known for having a huge range of amenities. These include free breakfast, parking, a pool, a fitness center, meeting facilities, and WiFi. Close to the Roanoke Civic Center, the hotel is ideal for business and someone touring the place.

There are plenty of attractions, and the location is also good for business meetings. There are plenty of facilities for anyone wanting to organize a meeting, and the free WiFi and breakfast will keep you connected and off to a good day.

The hotel offers excellent services from the online reviews and ratings that customers have left. A rating of 9.1/10 is quite impressive and not something that can easily be found in many places. It also shows the unique nature of the hotel and the lengths it goes to ensure that customers have the best service.

The Liberty Trust (8.9/10)

The Liberty Trust
Image courtesy of https://www.libertytrusthotel.com/

The Liberty Trust is the third-best hotel in Roanoke, and one of the best places to stay on The Blue Ridge Parkway. It is ideally located in downtown Roanoke having a strategic location and some of the best amenities that you would be looking for in a hotel. The 54 luxurious guest rooms are furnished using custom designs and finishes, and all amenities are upscale.

As such, you can be sure that you will find the best comforts and amenities to make your stay here memorable. The hotel is positioned close to many attractions and other important regional spots, making for a pleasant, productive stay.

Customers’ online rate is 8.9/10, which indicates the impressive services they have received from the hotel. The hotel offers an unbeatable location, surrounded by eclectic stores, renowned restaurants, offices, and admired attractions, complimentary high-speed WiFi access in all rooms and public areas, convenient parking nearby, complimentary tea and coffee in the lobby, heating and air conditioning, flat HD TV with premium channels and streaming, mini-refrigerators, coffee machines, iron, and Pet-Friendly rooms upon request.

Courtyard Roanoke Airport (8.5/10)

Courtyard Roanoke Airport
Image courtesy of Marriott.com

When you visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge, this is the most fitting place to stay. It is a high-quality upscale hotel with the best features and amenities available. The spaces are flexible for work and relaxation, and you can enjoy free WiFi.

The rooms are also impressive, with the quest suites featuring a hot tub. There is an indoor pool and a fitness center which are quite relaxing for someone that is constantly visiting places. Customers of the hotel are also pleased with the services, with an online rating of 8.5/10. Indeed, this is the right hotel to stay in when you need convenience and mobility together.

Spring Hills Suites by Marriott Roanoke (8.7/10)

Spring Hills Suites by Marriott Roanoke
Image courtesy of Marriott.com

This is the best hotel choice when you are tired of too many ups and downs and simply looking for relaxation. The hotel is close to Berglund Center, Black Dog Salvage, and the Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

A complimentary shuttle and free daily breakfast are also provided for popular destinations, including the airport. Your day starts in a good mood, and you get the rest, peace, and relaxation you need.

Customers online are also happy with the kind of experience they had at the hotel, which is why they have an 8.7/10 rating on the internet. This is a sign the hotel is worth its salt and can provide the best services to its guests.

Hampton Inn & Suites Roanoke Downtown (8.7/10)

Hampton Inn & Suites Roanoke Downtown
Image courtesy of Hilton.com

There are plenty of attractions downtown Roanoke, so touring them would not take a day. With this hotel, you can spend a few more days on your visit and get as much information about the place as possible.

The hotel is also strategically located, giving you access to many other available amenities and features. Pets are also welcome at the hotel, and there is also free WiFi and a hot breakfast.

An online rating of 8.7/10 indicates that this is the one hotel you will enjoy staying in. Enjoy the convenience of connecting rooms, non-smoking rooms, a digital key, and a fitness center.

Best Hotels in Fancy Gap and Hillsville

Wolf Creek Farm B&B and Motorcycle Manor (9.8/10)

Wolf Creek Farm B&B and Motorcycle Manor
Image courtesy of https://www.wolfcreekfarmva.net

The Wolf Creek Farm B&B and Motorcycle Manor is the best hotel in Ararat, and one of the best places to stay on The Blue Ridge Parkway.

The hotel’s location and setting are why it is popular with travelers and guests. The private retreat is on a 102-acre farm with plenty of spots to relax and escape daily life’s strains and stresses.

The farm has plenty of beautiful sights, and you will find the environment ideally suited to a holiday or break from work. Here, you have everything you need and amenities to ensure your stay is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Indoor parking is available for bikes and a firepit deck for gazing at the stars at night. Customers who have been to the hotel rate it an impressive 9.8/10, which shows that the hotel has worked tirelessly to gain fame and recognition.

Hampton Inn Hillsville (8.9/10)

Hampton Inn Hillsville
Image courtesy of Hilton.com

Another interesting hotel for you with the best views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. At Hampton Inn, you are assured of the best experience in addition to access to attraction sites and other places of interest.

From here, you can start with any hiking trails within the region. Such walking trails include Beaver Dam Creek Walking Trail, New River Trail State Park, and Shot Tower State Park. An online rating of 8.9/10 shows the quality of services you can expect when you visit the hotel.

Holiday Inn Express Hillsville (8.8/10)

Holiday Inn Express Hillsville
Image courtesy of IHG.com

This is one of the more interesting places in Hillsville, with amenities and services that you will find quite contemporary. Parking is available in case you are in a vehicle, and a pool and fitness center will get you refreshed.

Free WiFi ensures that you are always connected while at the hotel, and the available suites and rooms will be sure to make the right impression on you. There are plenty of attractions within the vicinity, and you will also be happy with the hotel’s location.

It has an online rating of 8.8/10, which shows the hotel has all you need and services you will not regret.

Comfort Inn & Suites Hillsville I-77 (8.6/10)

Comfort Inn & Suites Hillsville I-77
Image courtesy of Choicehotels.com

Located in Virginia’s Appalachian region, the hotel makes for a convenient stay in a place that is full and rich in nature and heritage. The location is also convenient and allows you to explore the area before returning to your room.

There are plenty of attractions in the region, and you will find the hotel to have just what you need. No matter your activity, the hotel will be your place to unwind and relax after a long day of exploring. An online rating of 8.6/10 proves that the hotel can deliver the kind of services and quality expected from the hotel.

Best Hotels in Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock, NC, is a pretty and quaint town located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where its breathtaking beauty blends with the adventurous spirit of nature lovers.

Please, find below the best hotels in Blowing Rock:

The Manor (9.5/10)

The Manor is the best hotel in Blowing Rock, and one of the best hotels to stay on The Blue Ridge Parkway.

Whenever you are in search of an escape to the mountains, this is the one hotel that will ensure that your stay is pleasant and enjoyable. There is a touch of elegance to the services offered at the hotel, which you will quite love.

The hotel features king beds, spa-quality ensuite bathrooms, a soaker tub, an in-room wet bar and refrigerator, private balconies in suites, covered parking garages, and breakfast with local pastries.

The hotel and its services make it feel like a different home away from home, and the high online rating of 9.5/10 proves that The Manor has excellent services.

Chelota Resort at Blowing Rock (8.5/10)

Chelota Resort at Blowing Rock
Image courtesy of https://chetola.com

One of this hotel’s most amazing and interesting features is its strategic location. The resort retreats gently into the wood, giving you peace and tranquility. There is plenty to see, and while you are at the hotel, you will have had your fair share of interesting scenes.

The hotel is the perfect escape for quests, offering excellent services and an experience you will love for a long time. The hotel has an online rating of 8.5/10, which shows that they offer reliable services.

Mountainaire Inn and Log Cabins (8.7/10)

Mountainaire Inn and Log Cabins
Image courtesy of http://www.mountainaireinn.com

Downtown Blowing Rock has a lot to offer visitors, and at heart lies the Mountainaire Inn and Log Cabins. These are ideal for spending the night away from the noise and in perfect peace. There are also plenty of attractions, and staying at the hotel allows you to tour more of the area.

The hotel also offers good services to their guests, and they have the amenities that guests would require during their stay. They have an impressive online rating of 8.7/10, which is a sign of happy customers and good services given.

Blowing Rock Inn (8.6/10)

Blowing Rock Inn
Image courtesy of http://www.blowingrockinn.com

The Blowing Rock has a lot of interesting attractions and things that might be of interest to you. Blowing Rock Inn offers you the comfort and convenience of going through the historic downtown area and exploring more of the place.

The rooms are smoke-free, and there are no pets allowed. As such, you get to enjoy a comfortable experience moving around the area and learning about the many attractions there are. An online rating of 8.6/10 shows the hotel has the expertise and experience needed to impress guests with top-notch services.

Best Hotels in Asheville

When it comes to art and history, Asheville is one of the best places to visit. This North Carolina city is full of galleries and museums that offer locals and visitors plenty of things to do.

This city is sure to keep you busy, from sampling delicious dishes to climbing the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Please, find below the best hotels in Asheville:

The 1899 Wright Inn & Carriage House (9.6/10)

The 1899 Wright Inn & Carriage House
Image courtesy of https://wrightinn.com/

The 1899 Wright Inn & Carriage House is the best hotel in Asheville, and one of the best hotels on The Blue Ridge Parkway.

The restored mansion makes for quite a beautiful inn just a mile from downtown. The hotel has plenty of modern amenities and electric charging ports. There is also plenty of comforts available at the hotel, and as such, you can be assured that your stay there will be one full of comfort and luxuries.

The atmosphere is also comfortable and welcoming, ready to provide you with an experience you will not regret. The hotel’s online rating of 9.6/10 shows dedication, elegance, and comfort.

Kimpton Hotel Arras (9.3/10)

Kimpton Hotel Arras
Image courtesy of https://www.hotelarras.com/

The hotel’s downtown location is one of its best features. It enables you to be close to as many attractions as possible, which makes your tour better. While at the hotel, you will enjoy comfortable services and a quality experience that is truly worth it.

A stay here is pleasant, and the many amenities around mean you will have something that matches your interest. Guests that have stayed at the hotel in the past are impressed with their experiences, which is why the hotel has an online rating of 9.3/10.

Princess Anne Boutique Hotel & Breakfast (9.3/10)

Princess Anne Boutique Hotel & Breakfast
Image courtesy of https://princessannehotel.com/

The Princess Anne Boutique Hotel & Breakfast is quite an impressive hotel with the promise of more than just somewhere to spend the night after a day of adventure. Complimentary afternoon wines and made-to-order breakfasts in the morning will ensure that your stay at the hotel is as pleasant as possible.

The staff is also friendly and always takes hospitality very seriously. They have turned the place into the ultimate kind of escape for you and your family. The guest rooms are also clean and comfortable and ensure you have the best possible experience during your stay at the hotel. An online rating of 9.3/10 indicates a hotel that knows how to serve people best and give them experiences worth the investment.

Hampton Inn & Suites Asheville Biltmore Village (9.2/10)

Hampton Inn & Suites Asheville Biltmore Village
Image courtesy of Hilton.com

Located in Baltimore Village and right next to the famous Biltmore Estate, the hotel has everything you need to relax and keep your mind at peace. It has some features that set it apart from the other hotels in its vicinity.

The firepit, bar, taproom, and terrace have all the signatures of an ideal hotel for the weekend holiday. What’s more? You get breakfast and WiFi free for staying at the hotel.

Such marks of luxury and fine living have made the hotel loved by many guests who have had the really good sides of the place. There are plenty of attractions close to the hotel and amenities to cater to all your needs. It’s such a good hotel that guests have rated it a 9.2/10 online.

Courtyard Asheville Biltmore Village (9.0/10)

Courtyard Asheville Biltmore Village
Image courtesy of Marriott.com

Are you searching for somewhere where you can take a walk and get closer to nature? The Courtyard has everything you need to break from the world and clear your mind.

It has the best accommodation for guests with features like a cup of Starbucks coffee to start your day. The guestrooms are spacious and include all the features and amenities needed to improve your stay.

If you are all about meetings and businesses, some facilities are provided at the hotel to ensure you have the best stay there. Besides, an online rating of 9.0/10 couldn’t be wrong.

Holiday Inn Asheville East (9.1/10)

Holiday Inn Asheville East
Image courtesy of IHG.com

This hotel is special, with facilities and experiences you would not expect anywhere else. The hotel is also close to downtown Asheville, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Baltimore Estate. Get away and embrace relaxation in a calm mountain setting with everything you need to improve your holiday or weekend.

There is plenty of acreages to stroll in the morning with your complimentary coffee warming you up. There is a free electric vehicle charging for all the guests to enable them to get to places easily. An additional Woodfire Bar & Grille right within the hotel provides you with the best everyday foods done properly.

With an online customer rating of 9.1/10, the hotel will surely provide you with the best experience for your holiday. It is ideal for casual and business visits as they will easily cater to all your requirements. They are friendly and always ready to assist you with the best experience. Cherokee

Best Hotels in Cherokee

Steeped in ancient history, folklore, and poignant tales, Cherokee takes an emotional journey involving cultural education and stories of injustice.

In Cherokee, you will meet indigenous peoples, learn their artistic traditions, visit their ancestral sites and see a reenactment of their struggles.

Please, find below the best hotels in Cherokee:

Rivers Edge Motel (9.0/10)

Rivers Edge Motel
Image courtesy of http://www.riversedgecherokee.com/

Embedded within the Great Smoky Mountains is the River’s Edge Motel. It is an ideal place for a holiday or the weekend and offers guests facilities and amenities that will make their stay at the hotel as comfortable as possible. There are also plenty of activities to do in the places near the hotel, such as fishing for trout, dining in the convenient restaurants, and visiting many other attractions.

The hotel is open throughout and offers 21 spacious rooms overlooking the river. They make it easy to access the many other things you want to do in Cherokee. With an online rating of 9/10, this is one of the best places to stay when visiting.

Stonebrook Lodge (8.8/10)

Stonebrook Lodge
Image courtesy of https://www.stonebrooklodge.com/

Are you need a hotel where you can relax and be at peace with your inner self? The Stonebrook Lodge has features and amenities that make it one of the best places to stay when you need to visit attractions like the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It is strategically located in three different locations and always has a warm welcome in store for anyone looking for a place they can stay for the night. There is also free WiFi and continental breakfast, and to top it all up, there is action and adventure in locations and attractions close to the hotel.

As such, your stay at the hotel will be exciting, with plenty to see and do, in addition to the many other amenities within the hotel itself. A rating of 8.8/10 shows they are good at their services and the kind of stay they create for their customers.

Great Smokies Inn (8.7/10)

Great Smokies Inn
Image courtesy of https://www.greatsmokiesinn.com/

Lovers of outdoor fun activities and adventure will love the features and amenities this mountainside retreat offers. The Great Smokies Inn is your ultimate connection to outdoor festivals and fun activities like kayaking.

The plush beds, comfortable furnishings, and amenities will ensure a cozy stay overlooking the misty mountain peaks. Some of the notable attraction sites in the neighborhood include the Great Smokie Mountains National park, Saunooke Village, and the Museum of the Cherokee Indians.

These are less than 5 miles from the hotel, making it the ideal place to rest while you visit these famous attractions. An online rating of 8.7/10 further backs up this with the real account of people that have experiences at the Great Smokies Inn.

Cherokee Grand Hotel (8.4/10)

Cherokee Grand Hotel
Image courtesy of https://www.cherokeegrandhotel.com

Finally, on our list of the best hotels on the Blue Ridge Parkways is the Cherokee Grand Hotel, a hotel that stands out as distinctively as its name. The hotel has all the amenities and facilities of a modern hotel, buts its location is the one factor making the place unique.

The services offered at the place are also top-notch, and you can be sure of getting a one-of-a-kind experience at the hotel during your stay. Visitors that have stayed at the hotel in the past have given it an online rating of 8.4/10 for the excellent services they received while at the hotel.

If you wish to continue browsing our website, we invite you to read our ranking of the best hotel price comparison websites or our ranking of the best hotel booking websites. We hope they will help you with your next reservation.

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